DSC_7687DSC_7951Barn SkeletonJet PlaneJesse1955 Olsmobile 2DSC_1499DSC_7358Hello KittyThree galsDoug Sahm HillU.T. TowerSunrise in TexasDSC_7491Umlauf Gardens 2010 011006DSC_7054-2The Genie and the MouseAllissa Crew in the MastsTaco LadyDSC_3050Mammy YokumDSC_7375Pedal FlyerDSC_6367Ready for takeoffSombrero_at_MaudiesDSC_6632Eagle at Benini RanchCoke_MachineThis is better than the playgroundSenior Prom Rock Box 1AMoonlight at the CarnivalRon's 39 tinted windowsBeen around a long time

Dave's Guitars #6

DSC_5562Nadine 16Smithville 2010 067

Beach pier sunrise 2     Warning device

Smithville 2010 271Umlauf Gardens 2010 002A prayer for a warrior 1BThe Bunt

Umlauf Gardens 2010 002

untitled-269untitled-42Larry's car 014Smithville Bride 2A

090-2  Greeting the ConvoyHomeless in MilwaukeeFancy 2 sRGBHood Ornament Collage   8 seconds on TV

DSC_1189212 bw lighterDSC_6150



Bi_Plane_Pre_Flight_CheckJet 2 aD

DSC_5854Sand Hill Crane in flight 1                      untitled-94DSC_5802

Chico arches with contrastuntitled-76Lone Star Round Up 2010 Fri 128


Pinstiping at Lee's 024022Please let it rain

David Torres Hatsuntitled-49-3DSC_3241

Stairwell cropped006

Catlina Bouganvillea

Yellow Ornament Circular





Teal 2

Sand Hill Crane in flight 1


Jerry's grill hard at work



Bull Rider Water Color 2



096 (3)





Ala Kart with lights on cropped A


Pelican on Golden Waves Port Aransas '09

Merry Christmas Y'all

untitled-119Calendar shoot at Cambells 11-15-09 882


Finalist 15

Packard Lady with Wheel


Red and White Biplane Circular

Rudy's Car Show '09 010

Paddle boat processed

Dawn at Mark's 290

Circular Berries

Julia with Nadine text

9-16-12   Kaila


15 thoughts on “Previous “SHOTS OF THE DAY”

    • Thanks………sorry they are not better categorized. Filing is not my strong area.
      I enjoyed the photos on your site also.
      Thanks for visiting and I’d love to have you as a follower. I try to post a new shot every day.

  1. wow, Richard! There are many stunning photos on this page… I could not pick a favourite one. Super work.
    thank you for sharing these beauties!
    groetjes, Francina

    • Francina, Thank you very much. My motto is ” If you can’t awe them with quality, overwhelm them with quantity”. Seriously, I appreciate you taking the time to look through that file. It was getting a little large, so I haven’t added any of my more recent “Shots Of The Day”. I think I need to clear things out a bit and start keeping up again. I enjoyed your poetry and really like the “Landlocked” shot. Richard

      • thank you for my liking the little boat , and you are welcome. In your case quantity and quality walk hand in hand.:-)

    • Thanks. I try to not get locked up into one kind of photography…..there are way too many things out there just waiting to be captured. Another thing is I have finally trained myself to always have a camera with me.
      Glad you checked out my blog.

  2. Thanks for finding I saw your images and say, Wow! You are really at the ready to take photographs. I’m ready to take a trip on the sailing ship – was that tied up in Maine or Rhode Island?

    • Susan, that sailing ship is the Elissa and she was built in 1877 in Scotland. Her current home is Galveston, Texas. The good news is that you can take a trip on the Elissa. She sails regularly (I don’t know if it’s every day or not) and the crew is made up of people who want the experience of an old time sailing ship.
      Thanks for looking in on my site……….see ya in Galveston.

    • Thank you so very much. I am not much of a photographer. but I know an opportunity when I see one. The ship is the Elyssa and she is sails out of Corpus Christi, Texas. I was staying in a hotel right on the seaway and when I woke up, there was this beautiful ship with the morning sun rising on it……………and all these people climbing around in the rigging. Turns out that people can sign up to go out for a day cruise and work as a crew member……at considerable expense.
      Thank you for the kind words………I have not visited your site yet, but I will be doing that today.

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