Hood Ornaments

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4 thoughts on “Hood Ornaments

  1. These images are great! It was so interesting to see these hood ornaments… something I will have to pay more attention to in the future.

    • That was a time when auto makers were proud of their name and their cars……now it’s hard to tell one make from another. When I am at a car show, 10-15 times a year, I am always looking for a new hood ornament for my “collection” (photographic). From your responses, it seems like you might enjoy tracking down a car show in your neighborhood and checking it out. I hope you do.

  2. Great idea to “collect” hood ornaments. I have a few shots isolating the ornament in my hundreds of classic car photos. I should think about starting my own collection. 🙂
    By the way, thanks for the like of the radiator shots on my Lines and Patterns photo challenge.

  3. I an fortunate enough to be on very good terms with the operators of a museum her in Central Texas and they are great about allowing me past the “rope” barricades and even have some of my photos hanging there.
    The hood ornaments are a source of wonder and excitement to me, the way that they are able to represent the whole “feel” of a car manufacturer. I just wish they hadn’t disappeared from the scene.
    Thanks for the good words.

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