Photo Texas

After spending a career in the Cable TV industry, when retirement time came along I was finally able to concentrate on the things that have always interested me………………….Cars and Photography.  This blog is about sharing those 2 things with whoever finds a need.  I am seldom seen without one of my cameras handy and don’t mind shooting a bunch of “junk” to get that one special shot. While my processing skills are very basic, I am a firm believer that it’s the final product that counts, not how you got there (as long as you aren’t harming our fragile planet).


16 thoughts on “Photo Texas

  1. Richard–I signed up to follow your blog weeks ago, but don’t seem to be getting notices. I just cruised through your “shot of the day” archives and you have sooooo many great shots in there that I can’t begin to comment on them all at once. I’m just going to have to make a point of coming by and checking often. The “birds on wires” pictures are incredible! Patricia

    • Patricia……..So sorry you have been getting notices…….I am a complete idiot when it comes to this internet stuff…had to have a friend help set up my blog.
      I debated removing some of the older “Shot Of the Day” stuff, but I still have plenty of room. Can’t tell you how much I enjoy your winter stuff!! I still have lots to check out on your blog.
      Thanks again

      • Hey–the blog elves take care of that technical stuff. I’ll watch vigilantly and if I see nothing, I’ll unsign-up and then re-sign up. I would certainly leave up the material you have–it really showcases your range of interests and talents. I’ll bet half of your enjoyment of my winter pictures is that you don’t have to shovel any of it!

      • Good guess on the winter shots…………one winter in Milwaukee with my mustache going “crackle, crackle” whenever I smiled was all I needed……..straight to Texas. I was between my love of 35mm photography and my discovery of digital photography when I was in Milwaukee so I know I missed a lot of super photo ops.

  2. Okay! I worked this out on my side so now I will get all of your posts. Hurrah! (Every so often I click on something that makes me go “Ahhhh! THAT’s how this works.” God forbid we should figure these things out ahead of time!)

  3. I enjoyed my visit to your site. You have done some cool photography! ( Slight typo in your “Photo Texas,” third word from the end. Someone advised me of a typo in my blog earlier this week and I thought it was a great idea 🙂 ) You may delete the part in parenthesis before posting.

    • Does look better without the parenthesis………does it need a comma now? Thanks for looking in and I always appreciate constructive criticism. You may delete the “Smiley Face”~!!

  4. Aha~! All I saw was “…you may delete the parenthesis…”. Oh, it gets so complicated when you don;t take your time.
    Once again, thanks for the hint, and thanks for looking.

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