Feel Good Shots

These photos are among my favorites regardless of their category.  Sometimes I am pleased with my lighting of a shot, sometimes it is the subject itself, sometimes I am happy with my camera settings.    These shots just make me feel good, and are not necessarily among my most popular work.   But I like ’em!


13 thoughts on “Feel Good Shots

  1. that little boy is just adorable, great shot! my fav is the lightning shot. I miss the lightning, we don’t get much here. but if we do….I’ll be out there trying to get electricuted! lol

    • Thanks for visiting. Yeah, that little boy was something else………..hard to take a bad photo of him. As for the lightning shot…………I was leaving the aperature open for up to a minute at a time, and as soon as I would close it…..bang…thunder and lightning. It took me about a half hour to finally capture the lightning. And the storm was several miles away so I wasn’t even getting wet. I took that shot at Port Aransas in Texas……….where do you live that you don’t get much lightning? When I lived in California we didn’t get much, but here in Texas it’s just part of a rainy day.

      • outside seattle…its always too cloudy to see the lightning, we probably get it….lol….we just don’t get to see it unless we’re up at the top of Rainier! well, take some killer shots for me…tc

    • Thank you Kelly. It is the everyday things that are so special……we just get used to them. I try very hard to not “lock” myself into one kind of photo. With all the wonderment that God has provided around us there is way to much to specialize. I also refuse to leave the house without a camera….and I don’t count cell phones as cameras.
      Thank you for looking in at my site and bothering to make a comment.

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