Beautiful World of Horses

Team work between horse and rider results in a blend of balance, energy, and oneness.  These are shots from team roping, barrel racing, and just plain horse and rider working together.


13 thoughts on “Beautiful World of Horses

  1. Fantastic action photos, Richard. My favourite is the one with the little girl and the horse. That is a very good composition with the colours matching.
    groetjes, Francina

    • Francine………Thank you for the kind words. Usually it is luck when I am able to get that kind of composition, even Ithough I try to keep alert. It’s hard to not get a good shot when horses are involved.

    • Cindi……not sure which of the Horse shots you’re talking about………..if it’s the “action” shots, it’s just a matter of as low of ISO as you can get away with, and a high F-stop …..f-11 or so and move the camera with the horse to blur the background…..Took me forever to work it out, but sticking with it pays off in the end.
      Thanks for signing up to follow my blog.

    • The little foal is now grown and my daughter has been introducing her to the saddle and bridle………..which she has taken to with very little problem. Thanks for checking in.


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