This is just a quick look into my passion for automobiles, and I’m trying to show the wide path of emotions that exist there.Ron Hoffman's with deerOn The RoadNot your standaed Chevy engineNone the sameMercury CharleyHow do you get in

DSC_8398Cabala's 5-7-11-5 



20 thoughts on “Automotive

    • Thanks for checking in. Cars are my whole life. Oh yeah, pretty girls too. Oh lets not forget great food. Yeah, and music too. Oops, forgot my family…..friends, kind strangers, old people, children…………

      Okay, so cars aren’t my whole life. Life is my whole life~!

    • Ah yes. That is Mercury Charley. He operates a Custom shop here in Austin, Texas and takes that purple Mercury behind him on the show circuit. He is quite a character! My last 2 cars were a ’29 Ford sedan and a ’66 Thunderbird……..looking around for something else right now.
      Love those ’46 Mercs!!

  1. when I first started shooting at car shows, I found that it was the old “3/4 front view, one shot after another, While this is the shot that a lot of the car owners prefer, I started looking around for a little variety and it all just smacked me in the face. So, thanks for noticing the various perspectives and thanks for stopping by.

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